The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Images taken with my Dimage 7i at The Eden Project, which we visited early one morning. I have tried to include a range of images from different areas of the site.
The domes are amazing, though it is hard to get a sense of scale with the dense growth and mixture of mature plants and trees. I expect they were equally amazing when still unplanted, so worth a visit even if plants aren't your thing.
There is an awareness of green issues on site with full use being made of rainwater and local run-off for watering the plants and running the visitor facilities. We drove down so I will make the point that the car parking on site is excellent with clear signposting from all major routes.
I expect Eden would be completely different every time you went, with different flowers coming in to bloom - so we may go back at a different time of year and see how it changes.


Eve and (in the background) Adam
The Horned one hiding in the Lillies  


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