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This section contains photos, video and stills from video taken at Fairford in 2002. We had a great day with aircraft flying pretty much non-stop. On the Saturday a Frenchman had problems with his altitude imperial-metric conversions or something and nosed his aircraft into the runway, stopping flying - so we picked the best day going on the Sunday !

 Royal International Air Tattoo 2002 - Fairford, Gloucestershire - July 21st.

More Fairford images, this time from 2003. Higher resolution stills of moving and static displays. Highlights included a Nighthawk flying with the Red Arrows.This time I took my new Minolta Dimage 7i camera along to try it out.

 Royal International Air Tattoo 2003 - Fairford, Gloucestershire - July 19th.

Photo stuff. A mixture of images from my Minolta Dimage 7i and Agfa stills cameras and some video stills and scans of other photography.
Cameras, or more correctly the ability of Cameras to snatch an instant in time, has fascinated me for years - in here, that sometimes strange place, are moments in time.


I have now started to post most of my newer images on Flickr. This slideshow links to my Airshows collection from here you can also get to my other photo collections.

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